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  • Gaming rants/news (Mega Thread?)

    Games had replay value. Nowadays they’re just consumerist nonsense without much thought put into design other than “alright what are we missing from our trendy checklist?” You can’t criticize things anymore without being called a GamerTM. (image) edit: I’m aware.

  • So What’s Your Weather?

    A bit chilly. Not bad, though.

  • The Politics Megathread

    It takes no effort to be an "activist" nowadays, especially in first-world countries. All you need to do is have a Twitter account. That's it. Mori's indefensible fuckup was that he said "women should have their speaking time limited because someone told him they talk too much and have trouble finishing." Not appropriate given the time and place of the interview, but it also raises the question who told him that to begin with. Now, if he just said "women talk too much" in a more casual setting, it might not have been bad. Media now simply report it as "resigns for saying women talk too much aka sexist remark" which sounds lacking in context and even more stupid than before. Now activists want to have a woman in charge to prove the committee is not sexist. So now we're having a reverse sexism situation, close to affirmative action. Next, put a black woman in to prove they aren't racist. And the trip toward the PC abyss begins. Just choose someone with experience, regardless of male or female. Can't be hard to just look at the damn resume.

  • Genshin Impact

    "Xinyan is worse than Amber" ??? Maybe if you're god awful at the game, shes a burst god and can solo Abyss 9-12 easy

  • Looking for a jp manga

    There was a manga I read once that had an op protag that was so op that he summoned a hero from earth aka summon summons a summon I forgot what it was but I need it Edit: it was a harem manga with a male. He summoned a female hero

  • I'm looking for interesting Action Manga's any suggesions? unique art is a major draw but the plot is also great even if a little excessive

  • Gaming rants/news (Mega Thread?)

    Pretending great games don't come out or that gaming is dead is peak GamerTM Older generations of games had plenty of garbage. Very little's changed. Edit: also some of these complaints are rich coming from a self described whale in a chinese gacha game.

  • The Third Impact: MangaDex Anniversary Celebration + Reddit AMA

    @W1ZK1DD I second that notion. Getting tired of seeing Chinese manhua clogging up new entries every single day.


    Looking for crazy good martial arts mangas with the MC ending up being OP. Can be korean by all means just not in a long strip webcomic fashion. Cheers 🍺

  • Genshin Impact

    The amount of time gating in this event is ridiculous. Rosaria’s Holy Matrimonies got nerfed. Kinda glad, titty monster characters aren’t really aesthetically pleasing even when it’s fictional. Character Dev News: Yao Yao, Ayaka, and two other characters are fully completed and ready for release according to a miHoYo employee on bilibili. But we have to wait for their updates...

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